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Online Minnesota Real Estate
Pre-License Education

As a Minnesota-owned company featuring Minnesota instructors, Continuing Ed Express has offered online education to Minnesota real estate professionals for over a decade.

Starting your real estate career is easy and affordable with Continuing Ed Express!

Here's your three-step plan:

Step 1 - Complete Course 1
Take Course 1 online and pass the proctored final exam (proctoring details are included in the course). Take the course anytime, anywhere with any online device.
Review Minnesota license requirements.

Step 2 - Pass the License Exam
Study for the license exam. Our NEW and impoved Exam Prep course is optional, but highly recommended. Schedule and take your license exam at a PSI exam center. For details:

Step 3 - Complete Courses 2 & 3
Take Courses 2 and 3 online and pass each course’s final exam with a proctor. Apply for your license through your chosen broker, and begin your real estate career!

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Your New Agent Startup package:
Courses 1, 2, 3, and Exam Prep course for ONLY $579

Course # Title Course Type Price Action
MNPL-07 Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 1
Real Estate $193.00
MNPL-08 Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 2
Real Estate $193.00
MNPL-09 Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 3
Real Estate $193.00
MNPL-11 MN License Exam Prep
Real Estate $0.00
$579.00 View Details
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Take our courses at your own pace, on your own time. There is no deadline to complete a course you've purchased from Continuing Ed Express. And, if you are not satisfied with a course you've purchased, we'll refund your money! Refund Policy

Review Minnesota License Requirements

Learn more about our Military Active Duty and Veteran Discount for prelicense courses.

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What our students are saying about our courses

These pre-license courses are top notch! I pretty much love everything about them, and am very impressed with the teaching!
Very good delivery of content. Without ever meeting her, I could tell that Peggy is really passionate about teaching others!
Such a pleasure working with the staff here! So accommodating and helpful!

I really enjoyed the content in this class. It made it so easy to learn at a quick pace and it was easy to follow. I appreciate the effort put into this course to give students like me a fantastic understanding of what's to come as far as my career.
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