Buyer Counseling: A Planned Approach

Buyer Counseling: A Planned Approach


Course Credit Hrs.
Buyer Counseling: A Planned Approach 3.00
Achieve your real estate goals by helping your buyers achieve theirs.
Money-Back, No Hassle Guarantee
  • You’ll learn techniques to skillfully empathize with your buyers’ needs, wants, concerns, and priorities. That knowledge will help you to guide them smoothly toward achieving their real estate goals. You’ll learn proven techniques to interview, educate, motivate, and engage your buyers. When using the tips and techniques in this course, you’ll likely hear your buyers say “You made buying so easy!”

    3 Elective Hours

  • This course will help you represent and counsel buyers by assessing buyers’ needs and wants, preparing them to make informed decisions, and explaining the benefits of having the guidance of a real estate licensee.
    Section 1 - Empathizing with Your Buyer
    Chapter 1 - Profiles of Today’s Buyers
    Chapter 2 - The Real Estate Services Your Buyers Want
    Chapter 3 - Engaging with New Buyers
    Chapter 4 - How to Accurately Empathize with Your Buyers
    Section 2 - Forming an Agent-Client Relationship
    Chapter 1 - Interviewing Your Buyer Client
    Chapter 2 - Helping Buyers Who Are Already Homeowners
    Chapter 3 - What Do Your Buyers Really Need and Want?
    Chapter 4 - How Buyer’s Past Experiences Can Affect Their Current Attitudes and Habits
    Chapter 5 - Helping Your Buyers Understand Today’s Best Home Buying Practices
    Section 3 - Serving Your Buyers Professionally
    Chapter 1 - Guarantee Your Services in Writing
    Chapter 2 - Guiding Your Buyers
    Chapter 3 - Instructing Buyer Classes
    Section 4 - Cultural Diversity and Fair Housing Rights
    Chapter 1 - Being Sensitive to Cultural Diversity
    Chapter 2 - How Fair Housing Laws Protect Your Buyers
    Chapter 3 - Illegal Steering, Redlining and Flipping
  • Instructor: Jim Luger

    Jim Luger has been a real estate broker and instructor for over 35 years, and has taught thousands of real estate agents and brokers in classrooms and online. He is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), and is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

    Jim opened a real estate brokerage in 1976, later adding a title insurance agency, and mortgage brokerage. He has also owned a property management company, and has held an insurance license. He has been a certified trainer for an international real estate franchisor, and has appeared on national television and radio programs as a real estate expert.

    You can contact Jim at


According to North Dakota License Law, Chapter 70-02-04-14, “The commission will allow a maximum of eight hours of accreditation per day.”

According to North Dakota License Law, Chapter 70-02-04-22, you must complete a “distance education course within one year of the date of enrollment.”

Visit the North Dakota Real Estate Commission website for more information about continuing education requirements.



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