Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 2

Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 2


Course Credit Hrs.
Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 2 30.00
This is the second of three courses required to obtain your Minnesota real estate salesperson license.
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  • This is the second of three courses required to obtain your Minnesota salesperson real estate license. You will learn fundamentals such as real estate valuation, financing, and contracts.

    This course has been approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for real estate prelicense education.

  • Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 2

    This 30-hour required course will prepare you to practice as a Minnesota Real Estate Salesperson. You will learn fundamentals such as real estate valuation, financing, and real estate contracts.

    Our course is designed to help you learn and remember these important fundamentals. You may learn at your own best pace, and review the material at any time. At the end of each section, you will have opportunities to self-test your cumulative knowledge with our copyrighted e-Flashcards™.

    After taking this course and passing your Minnesota license exam, you must then take Prelicense 3 (which is also 30 hours) before applying for your Minnesota Real Estate Salesperson license. Your license application will be made through the real estate broker you decide to work for.

    We highly recommend that you take and pass both Minnesota license exams (uniform and state-specific) before starting Courses 2 and 3.

    This is the outline for our Minnesota Salesperson Prelicense Course 2:

    Section 1 - Real Estate Valuation

    • Chapter 1 - The Perils of Overpricing
    • Chapter 2 - Seller-Centric Pricing
    • Chapter 3 - Establishing a Relationship with the Seller
    • Chapter 4 - Eight Misconceptions about the Pricing Process
    • Chapter 5 - Principles of the Pricing Discussion
    • Chapter 6 - Best Practices and Solutions for Pricing
    • Chapter 7 - Preparing and Presenting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
    • Chapter 8 - Pricing Blocks
    • Chapter 9 - Communication Styles
    • Chapter 10 - Handling Pricing Decision Blocks with UVAC™
    • Chapter 11 - The Counseling Conversation

    Section 2 - Financing Applications

    • Chapter 1 - Introduction and Review
    • Chapter 2 - Mortgage Loan Basics
    • Chapter 3 - Overview of Mortgage Types
    • Chapter 4 - Special Programs, Qualifying, and Choosing a Lender
    • Chapter 5 - Foreclosure Review
    • Chapter 6 - Required Disclosures and Notices

    Section 3 - Real Estate Contracts

    • Chapter 1 - Review of Contract Elements
    • Chapter 2 - Completing the MNAR Purchase Agreement
    • Chapter 3 - Common Purchase Agreement Addenda
    • Chapter 4 - Drafting Clauses
    • Chapter 5 - Completing the MNAR Service Contracts
    • Chapter 6 - Completing the MNAR Disclosure Forms
    • Chapter 7 - Completing MNAR Sales Forms
    • Chapter 8 - Case Studies and Purchase Agreement Forms Practice
    • Chapter 9 - Listing Agreement

    Section 4 - Fair Housing

    • Chapter 1 - Review of Federal Fair Housing Laws
    • Chapter 2 - Practicing Fair Housing as a Real Estate Agent

    Section 5 - Real Estate Specialties

    • Chapter 1 - Areas of Specialization
    • Chapter 2 - Your Relationship with a Broker
    • Chapter 3 - Professional Standards and Ethics
  • Instructors:
    Peggy L. McNamara
    Jim Tice

    Peggy L. McNamara has been in the real estate industry since 1992. She sold real estate full time for several years before entering into real estate education and training. She is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

    Peggy was the Director of Education of a multi-office brokerage from 1997-2003. She also owned a pre-license real estate school in Minnesota, and has been Vice President of Agent and Client Services for a multi-state brokerage.

    Peggy understands the real estate business from many aspects, as well as its inherent challenges and opportunities. She is passionate about helping real estate agents and brokers earn better incomes, and live fuller lives.

    You can contact Peggy at Peggy@ContinuingEdExpress.com.

    Jim Tice has been a real estate instructor for over 20 years, and has taught thousands of real estate agents and brokers in classrooms and online. He is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), and is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

    Jim entered the real estate business in 1977, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been inducted into a national real estate Hall of Fame, an honor granted to less than 1% of agents nationwide. Jim has served as regional trainer for a national real estate franchise, and as a real estate manager he continues to train and coach new and experienced real estate agents.

    Jim has served for many years on the Minnesota Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee, both as a panel member and as a hearing chairperson, and he has served on the Minneapolis Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors.

    You can contact Jim at JimTice@ContinuingEdExpress.com.


Important Minnesota Real Estate Requirements
Click here to learn more about how to get your Minnesota Real Estate license. Visit the Minnesota Department of Commerce website to find out if you are eligible for a real estate license and for information on licensing requirements. 

Course Final Exam Proctor Information
Minnesota requires you to take the course final exam for pre-license online courses under the supervision of a proctor. We are now offering remote proctoring for our students! Click here for more information about proctoring and to schedule your remote proctoring.

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