Real Estate Photography for Listing Agents

Real Estate Photography for Listing Agents


Course Credit Hrs.
Real Estate Photography for Listing Agents 3.00
Professional photo secrets to impress your sellers and attract more potential buyers.
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  • You’ll learn easy-to-use real estate photography techniques from a master real estate photographer. Our instructor will teach you how to present the importance of photos at the very start of your listing presentation, and to separate yourself from the competition by showing your ability to take and sequence a superior photographic presentation. Sellers can get lost in the barrage of metrics and data necessary to formulate a sales plan, but photographs are easily understood by all parties.
    The Internet is a visual world, and studies have proven that quality photographs lead to more buyer visits. Some studies claim that higher quality photographs result in a higher average sale price!

    3 Elective Hours
  • This course will help you serve your seller clients by learning the skills of real estate photography, including counseling sellers, taking quality photographs, and organizing the photographs for listing.

    Section 1: Equipment
    Chapter 1: The Camera
    Chapter 2: The Lens
    Chapter 3: The Flash
    Chapter 4: The Editing
    Section 2: Research
    Chapter 1: The Prior Listing
    Chapter 2: Similar Listings
    Chapter 3: The Timing
    Chapter 4: The Setting
    Chapter 5: The Community
    Section 3: Preparation of the Home
    Chapter 1: Counseling the Seller
    Chapter 2: Dress Your House for Success
    Chapter 3: Occupied and Vacant
    Section 4: Taking the Photographs
    Chapter 1: Camera Settings
    Chapter 2: The Flash Settings
    Chapter 3: Start the Photo Session
    Getting Started and The Front Exterior
    The Back Exterior, Kitchen, Dining and Living Rooms
    Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garages and Outbuildings
    Section 5: The Organization and Distribution of the Photos
    Chapter 1: Listing with Photographs on Day 1
    Chapter 2: The Number, Order and Mix
    Chapter 3: Distribution to the MLS
    Chapter 4: Distribution to Internet Realty Sites
    Section 6: The Professional Photographer
    Chapter 1: The Decision to Use a Pro
    Chapter 2: The Cost and the ROI
  • Subject Matter Expert: 
    Rob Horgan

    Rob Horgan graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson 1983 with a BA in Radio, Television and Film. He had learned how to develop and print film in darkrooms, but then mastered digital photography and software after the advent of digital cameras in the mid-1990s. After Rob became a real estate agent in 2005, other agents at his company complimented him on his outstanding listing photos. When he said he took them, requests for his photography services poured in. Rob’s experience as an agent has helped him know what buyers are looking for, and demand for his photography from listing agents has grown. He now has time for an occasional listing, but refers most of his buyers and sellers to other agents. 

    Instructor: Jim Luger
    Jim Luger has been a broker and instructor for over 30 years. He is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association, and is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). You can contact Jim at


According to North Dakota License Law, Chapter 70-02-04-14, “The commission will allow a maximum of eight hours of accreditation per day.”

According to North Dakota License Law, Chapter 70-02-04-22, you must complete a “distance education course within one year of the date of enrollment.”

Visit the North Dakota Real Estate Commission website for more information about continuing education requirements.



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