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Inside the Federal Reserve

Inside the Federal Reserve


Course Credit Hrs.
Inside the Federal Reserve 3.00
Prepare for changes in your real estate market when the Fed modifies its policies.
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  • This course will sharpen your ability to prepare for movements of interest rates and monetary policy by the Federal Reserve. The always-changing nature of Federal Reserve actions, and the predictability of those patterns, are key elements of this course.
    We will be discussing the origins of the Fed, and how its structure, logistics, and strategic power have changed over time to the centralized regulation of a nationwide monetary policy, as demanded by domestic and global economic change.
  • This course will help you better serve your clients by developing your knowledge of the real estate market and how it is affected by greater economic trends and the movements of the Federal Reserve.


    Section 1:  History, Mandates and Structure of the Federal Reserve
    Chapter 1: Terms and Concepts
    Chapter 2: Economics in the Real Estate Market
    Chapter 3: Origin and Mandates of the Federal Reserve
    Introduction + Flaws of the Monetary System
    Aldrich-Vreeland Act, Aldrich Plan, Owen-Glass Bill
    Federal Reserve Act
    Chapter 4: Changes to Federal Reserve Structure and Policies

    Section 2: Using the Powers within The Federal Reserve to Maintain a Stable Economy
    Chapter 1: Implementation of Monetary Policy
    Chapter 2: Forces Imposing Change
    Chapter 3: Economic Trends
    Chapter 4: The Inflation and Credit Crunch Battlefield

    Section 3: Great Recession Brings Change
    Chapter 1: Causes of the Financial Crisis
    Chapter 2: Federal Reserve Response
    Chapter 3: Questions of Federal Reserve Policy to Come
  • Subject Matter Expert:
    Larry Stoller

    Larry Stoller is a nationally recognized lecturer on topics relating to economics, residential and commercial real estate, and real estate finance. He has held a real estate broker license since 1972, and was twice president and founding director of the Minnesota Association of Mortgage Brokers.

    Over the last 35 years, Mr. Stoller has been an owner, consultant, and trainer in residential and commercial real estate, land development, construction, title insurance, mortgage finance, and real estate brokerage.

    Larry Stoller’s articles and interviews have appeared in national publications and trade journals, including Real Estate Today, Forbes, Corporate Report, Wall Street Journal, Real Estate Finance Today, Mortgage Originator Magazine, and numerous newspapers.

    Instructor: Jim Tice
    Jim Tice entered the real estate business in 1977 and trains and coaches new and experienced agents. He is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). You can contact Jim at



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