Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson License Requirements

How to Get Your Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson License

To obtain a Real Estate Salesperson license in Wisconsin, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age  
  • Take the approved pre-license education
  • Pass the license exam at the designated testing center
  • After completing your pre-license course and passing the license exam, you apply for your real estate license with the state of Wisconsin
Go to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website for specific requirements and instructions.

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Costs to Consider:
  • Our salesperson pre-license course
  • *License exam fee
  • **License application fee
* This fee is paid to Pearson Vue, the company that offers the Wisconsin real estate license exam
** This fee is paid to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services



Step-by-Step Licensing Guide
  1. Enroll in our online pre-license course
  2. Complete course including the course final exam
  3. Pass the Wisconsin license exam
  4. Apply for your real estate salesperson license

1. Enroll in our approved online pre-license course

During the purchase process, you will create your online Continuing Ed Express account. After your purchase is complete, the course will be placed in your new account, ready for you to begin. With Continuing Ed Express’s exclusive online e-learning technologies, you can learn at your best pace. Our online courses offer high quality content, with easy-to-use navigation.
Our Wisconsin salesperson pre-license course is approved by the Department of Safety and Professional Services from the state of Wisconsin.
Before you get started, review our Wisconsin Salesperson Pre-License Study Guide to help you get the most out of your online education experience.

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2. Complete the course online

The course offers text instruction on both the National and Wisconsin principles of real estate. There is commentary by the instructor, graphs and diagrams, exercises, and quizzes to help you master the material. You will have the opportunity to go back and review each section separately, and contact your instructor if you have questions.



3. Pass the Wisconsin license exam

After successfully completing a Wisconsin Pre-license Course, you will receive a course completion certificate in your account, and you may take the license exam at an approved testing center which is operated by Pearson VUE.  For a listing of the testing centers, detailed information about the license exam, and a downloadable Real Estate Candidate Handbook, visit Pearson VUE.

4. Apply for your real estate license

After passing the exam, you will apply for a license by submitting the application along with the fee, and the certificate you received after completion of our course. However, before you can practice real estate, you will need to work for a real estate firm. If you know the firm you will be working for, that firm can guide you through the license application process.

Before you begin...

Visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website for the specific salesperson licensing requirements, instructions on getting licensed, and any timeframe requirements and restrictions.

Meet Laurel Stone – Your Online Course Instructor
Laurel Stone is northeast Wisconsin’s recognized leader in real estate education. Owner of the Laurel Stone School of Real Estate, she specializes in continuing education and pre-license Salesperson and Broker education. She has taught well over 5000 students since she began teaching in 1988. Prior to teaching she was active in various aspects of real estate, including real estate exchange and marketing sessions in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., property management, buyer representation in commercial transactions, and office management. She has also owned and operated her own real estate company.

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Benefits of Continuing Ed Express’s Online Wisconsin Salesperson Pre-License Course
To help you remember important real estate principles, our courses provide:
  • Progressive activities to help you learn complex topics such as math
  • Downloadable section summaries that you can print and review
  • e-Flashcards™ for you to self-test your cumulative recall of important principles
  • Practice quizzes throughout the course to give you immediate feedback
  • Highlighted ideas, notes, and reminders throughout the course
Diagrams and illustrations help you understand difficult concepts
One of the most difficult things in a real estate course, besides the new vocabulary, is understanding complex concepts that are unfamiliar to you. Realizing this difficulty, we furnish you with visual aids of important concepts to help you understand each.
An opportunity to communicate with your instructor on every page
On every page there is an opportunity to communicate with your instructor. You may easily contact your instructor for further insight on any of the information in the course. All of your messages with the course instructor will be archived in the ‘Messages’ area of your Continuing Ed Express account.
No text book required 
Continuing Ed Express online pre-licensing courses are complete. There is no additional textbook from which you have to study or order in addition to the course. You may begin taking the course as soon as you register. 

If you have questions about the courses or pre-license process, you can contact us.


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