Common Credit Card and Payment Issues

Below are images of two possible credit card error messages, and the most common reasons for each error. Below are details for troubleshooting these errors. After you review this page, if you are still unable to successfully place your order, please Contact Us! We are happy to help troubleshoot over the phone. 

After you have located your reason for the error, you can click on the green shopping cart button on the top right corner of the website. This will bring you back to the purchase process. A link to this page will always be located on the credit card page, so if you continue to experience errors, you can return to this page during that process.

Invalid Credit Card

If you see this message, then you entered invalid information for one or more of the following items: credit card number, the security code, and/or expiration details.

Try it again, and make sure you are entering all the details on your credit card correctly. Entering the security code incorrectly is a common mistake, so make sure to review it carefully on your card.

Billing Address Error

One of our security features is to require an accurate billing address with the credit card. We hope you can agree with us that it is better to have better security when it comes to credit card transactions. 

Make sure the billing address you entered matches EXACTLY with the credit card you are using. Contact your credit card issuer if needed. 

How to Update your Billing Address
If you need to edit your billing information, you can click on the top menu item “2. User & Billing Info.” All the items on the top menu bar are clickable links as you complete each step in the Checkout Process. See the below image.


Once you click back to that step, you can update your billing information on the right side column of the step “2. User & Billing Info.” When you are finished entering your billing addres, click “Continue Checkout” at the bottom like you did when you were originally placing your order. See the below image.

Other Credit Card Issues

You’ve entered everything correctly from your credit card, and the billing address is an identical match to your credit card billing address. But it still won’t work! Now what?

Below are less common issues, but they have occurred enough to where we know these issues sometimes happen.

Too Many Attempts
If you try it too many times, your bank might think there is an error, and start declining the transactions. If you contact us about this, we will likely see a general message that the card was declined.

You have two options:
1. You can contact your credit card company to find out more details; or
2. Try a different card if that’s an option.

If you do option 2 and try a different card, make sure the billing address matches and that you entered everything correctly. If you try again, we want to make sure you can avoid the “Too Many Attempts” issue! 

If you do option 1, and contact your credit card company, there is a possibility that they will tell you that one or some of the transactions did go through. If this is the case, then the “Too Many Attempts” might not be the issue. See the next item for another possible issue.

Miscommunication with Your Credit Card Issuer
If the card was declined by Continuing Ed Express because the address didn’t match, the bank might still think the transaction was processed. It could take up to 3-5 business days for your bank to receive the correct communication that the transaction didn’t process and release the funds back to you. If this happens, don’t panic, give it a few days, and then check your account again. Our system has NEVER accepted funds for a card that was declined. If you want to be certain that we didn’t accept the payment, please Contact Us, and we will be happy to confirm the status of the transaction.

Nothing is working, help!

If this is the situation, then you are likely super frustrated at this point. Please Contact Us and we will help you. There is a chance that we will need to get some information from you, look into it, and return your call shortly.


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