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Success Stories:
“Great course that fully prepares you for the tests!”

"The course was well taught and neatly laid out, the QSR [Quick Study Review] for each section helped me tremendously for my exams.”

“I have taken a course in another state, and I must say that this was much easier to follow. The material was very easy to read and understand and I feel more confident in my testing abilities, because of this course. Thank you.”

“The course was very well balanced and easy to read through with examples that made a section easier to understand especially since I had no prior knowledge of the real estate industry. I appreciated all the training tools and am very happy.”

“Thank you! My experience was wonderful and feel confident and prepared to go forth into the large world of Real Estate.”
“The course was exceptional and when interviewed by brokers, they were impressed by my knowledge from this course. Thank you so much. I'll recommend this course to any future real estate agent.”
“This course provided so much information that it could have been overwhelming, but it was well-organized and I learned enough to pass the federal and state exams first try. Thank you!”
“I really do feel more confident & more educated in taking these CE classes.”

Course Material:
“Lots of very useful information - quite comprehensive - I enjoyed the learning experience.”

“Class was enjoyable, easy to use, had great content with appropriate supporting material. I loved the sample tests and the Flashcards. Thank you for the excellent experience. This is an 'A' program.”

“Love these courses...the material is always well-organized and clear, and resource materials are excellent--I often keep them for future reference.”

“The course material is easy to read and very well prepared.”

“This BPO class is, by far, the best CE class I’ve ever taken. Extremely informative, concise, and applicable.”
“Very interesting material. Exceptionally well written and delivered.”
“I was surprised at the depth of skills addressed in this course. Bravo!”
“This course was one of the best courses I have taken - it is at the exact right pace & the example/situations help you to more easily understand the strategies of negotiating.”
“While the information was very technical, it was explained and presented in a very understandable and applicable way.”

Ease of Use:
“I appreciated the ease of the online courses, and it doesn't lose your spot if you have to walk away. Thanks!”

“I have taken my CE courses through ContinuingEdExpress for the past 13 years and am always satisfied with the navigation, professionalism and overall ease of completing my CE courses.”

“Love the case studies and then answering questions. I feel I get the most out of this.”

“The format of the course allows me to take the course an hour at a time, if I wish, so rather than eating up an entire day, I can take the courses an hour at a time when I have some down time over 15 days and I'm done!”

“I love Continuing Ed Express! The way it's offered, the method of instruction, the platform, and the convenience make this a great way to do pre-licensure classes, as well as continuing ed.”
“A convenient and time effective way to continue my education, I love the format along with the range of topics offered for study.”

Customer & Instructor Support:
“This was a wonderful course; very thorough and helpful! I loved working at my own pace but I still felt supported throughout.”

“Easy to use system. Helpful staff. Very happy with my experience.”

“Interactive, hands-on/online is the most effective way of learning; the user interface was attractively laid out & easy on the eye, and I always had immediate answers to all of my emailed questions.”
“I've been using Continuing Ed Express for three years now, and I cannot recommend them enough. I can find every class I need, required at both the state and national levels. They're also extremely responsive to questions--I've emailed and called them, and every time they respond rapidly. Working in a large office that offers our own continuing education, Continuing Ed Express offers competitive pricing. And you can take the classes remotely and at your own pace. Highly recommend!!”

Organization & Website:
“One of the best on-line programs I've used.  Clear, concise, easy to navigate as well as to pause and come back.”

“Great website, easy to navigate and information was well put together.”

“I really enjoyed the web base, at your pace training/learning. This web/training is better than others - you can review the entire course again to freshen up.”

“Enjoy using Continuing Ed Express, in-depth courses that allow you to move at your own pace. Very organized, detailed, and easy to learn from.”

“Overall, I believe it was very organized, detailed, and helpful learning through the website.”

The Psychology of Pricing & Secrets of the CMA

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