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Regulatory Questions

How do I know if the course is approved by my state? 
We only list courses on the state course list pages that are approved for that particular state and course type (continuing education or prelicense). 

If you would like to verify a course approval, many state regulatory agencies have a list of approved courses on their websites. If we are approved to offer courses in your state, we link to the state’s regulatory agency on the state’s course list page, under the green tab “Important State Regulations.” 

How are my course completion records submitted to state agencies?
Some states require us to submit course completion records to that state’s real estate regulatory agency. If you’d like to find out if we submit those records to your state, view your state’s course list page and that information will be listed in the heading of the page.

If you do not find information regarding the submission of course completion records and you believe that the course provider is required to do this, please contact our customer service. If ever in doubt, please contact us!

What are my state requirements?
In each course list page is a green tab above the list of courses titled “Important State Regulations.” Click on that tab to review general CE information, and links to your state’s real estate regulatory agency.

Can I retake a course I've already completed?
We offer courses in multiple states, and each state has different requirements as to if and when a licensee can repeat a course for continuing education credit. In order to comply with all state requirements, we do not allow our customers to repeat courses. 

We frequently revise courses to create new versions! If you are attempting to repeat a course, please Contact Us to find out if we have an updated version of that course because we often change course titles. If not, we welcome your feedback on course topics that you would like to see. Each year we also create new CE courses, and all the new courses will have a New tag next to the course title on the course list page so you can easily find them.

All the courses you have completed will remain in your Continuing Ed Express account in the Completed area. You can review the course material anytime by clicking on the Completed menu option in your account. Even if you can't retake the course for CE credit, you will have access to the course material in the future. See the Navigating the Courses section in these FAQs for more information about your account and reviewing completed courses.

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Your Account        

I'm new. How do I create my account?
Welcome! If you have not taken our courses before, your account will be created during the checkout process for the course you are purchasing. You’ll be asked to fill out the “First Time Customer” information, and will choose a username and password at that time. 

I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?
Go to our Forgot Username or Password page and fill out the forms to retrieve your username, and/or reset your password. You will need to know the email address you registered with in order to retrieve your username or reset your password. If you forgot the email address you registered with, please Contact Us.

If you need help with this process, please review our Password Reset instructions for detailed instructions on how to retrieve your username and/or reset your password. 

How do I update my information?
Sign into your account. On the left side navigation in your online account, click Settings. Here you can update your name, contact information, or change your password. When you are done, click the Update/Change button and your changes will be saved. The information you provide is what is listed on all of your documents on file and how we reach you to communicate effectively.  Please be sure to keep your information updated. 

Please Note: You cannot change your real estate license number(s) from your Settings. If you need to update your license number, please Contact Us via email or the message feature. When you contact us, include your name, the state you’re licensed in, the new license number, and User ID (the User ID is located at the top of the left side navigation in your online account). Please also clearly state that you give Continuing Ed Express permission to update your license number in your online account.

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Navigating the Courses     

How do the courses work?
Review How to Get Started to learn more about how our courses work. We also offer helpful Study Guides to get the most out of your online education experience.

I have purchased the course. Now what?
After your order is complete, the course is placed in your Continuing Ed Express account. If you are not already signed into your account, you will need to do so. To know if you are signed in, look for the purple button at the top right of the page which says either “Sign Out” or “Sign In.” Once you have signed in, you will see all the courses you have purchased and not completed yet. Click the Start button next to the course name to begin. You will review a short orientation of the course to learn more about taking your course online.

Will I lose my spot in the middle of my course if I log out?
No. You may stop anywhere in the course, and start again at any time. Simply log out when you want to take a break, and then log back in when you’re ready to begin again. Your stopping point will be saved, so you can resume right where you left off. You will be automatically logged out of the website after 10 minutes of inactivity. If this happens, you can log back in and resume the course where you left off.

The exception to this is when you are taking a quiz or final exam. You must complete a quiz or final exam in one session. If you log out before completing a quiz or final exam, you will need to start over when you log in again. 

What is a completion certificate? 
A completion certificate is initiated once you pass the final exam of your course. It certifies that you have passed and completed your course and is kept for your records.

How do I access my completion certificate and when will I receive it?
Once you successfully complete a course, that course will be listed in the “Completed” section of your account. In the “Action” column, there will be a Print Certificate link. Click on that link and a new page will pop up with your course completion certificate. The certificate will always remain in your account, so you can review and print it anytime. Please note: Completion dates and times are based on Central Standard Time. 

If you are taking a course in Hawaii or a Minnesota prelicense course, see below for completion certificate details.

Hawaii CE and Prelicense Courses: Your completion certificate will not be available to print from your Continuing Ed Express account. We will email your completion certificate to the email address associated with your Continuing Ed Express account.

Minnesota Prelicense Courses: After you pass the proctored final exam the completion certificate is emailed to the email address associated with your account one business day after you complete your exam. If you take your proctored exam by a different proctor from Continuing Ed Express, we will need to receive your original proctor affidavit prior to issuing the completion certificate.

Click here for more information about the proctored exams.


Do I need to send you my completion certificate? 
The completion certificate is for your records only. We do not need continuing education completion certificates from students. If your completion certificate includes is a line at the bottom of the certificate stating, “This certificate is not valid unless signed by the student,” it is still for your records, and you do not need to send it to us.

Do I need to complete my course in a certain amount of time? 
Some states require that you complete a course within a certain amount of time after registering for the course. If your state has this type of requirement, it will be listed at the top of your state’s course list page. If a course becomes inactive and is no longer offered, then you will not be able to complete the course. If there is a required timeframe to complete a course (from a state requirement, a course is scheduled to be inactive, or the course has become inactive), you will see an expiration date next to the course title in your online account. If that date has passed, you will not be able to complete the course.

I’ve already completed a course. Can I go back and access the information? 
Yes! Simply log into your account and every course you've taken will be in the “Completed” area of your account. The only exception is if a course has become inactive because we are no loner offering it, then you will not be able to review that material. We do not keep inactive courses current.

What if I failed the final exam? How many times can I retake it?
Most states allow you to retake the final exam as many times as necessary to pass. If your state has a rule regarding the number of times you can retake it, that information will be listed in the page before you take the final exam. Remember, you will ONLY receive credit for the course AFTER you pass the final exam.

Can I contact the instructor if I have questions as I am going through the course material?
Yes! You will always have support while taking a course. All of our instructors are more than happy to help. You can contact them by clicking the purple envelope in the top right corner of any page in the course. 

Can I see which questions I got wrong on the final exams?
Unfortunately, this is not an available feature. However, you will see your exam passing percentage after you complete the final exam.

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Your Orders

Are my payments secure?
Yes. Your credit card information is entered on a secure web page. You’ll know it’s secure when you see a small lock icon in or near the address bar of the web page. All information is encrypted before being submitted and processed. We use to process the payments.

I am trying to purchase a course, but it says my credit card is invalid.
You may have entered your billing address, card number, expiration date, or security code incorrectly. Make sure all the billing and credit card information is entered correctly, and try processing the order again. You can also review our Common Credit Card Issues for more help in determining why your order isn’t being processed. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at 1-866-415-8521, and we are happy to help troubleshoot the issue.

How do a I use a Promo Code?
You will enter the promo code during the checkout process. You will enter the promo code(s) for each course when you’re viewing your cart. If you receive an invalid message or error when entering a promo code, please Contact Us.

Can I print an order receipt?
All of your receipts are saved in the "Order History" portion of your account. You can sign in at any time to view and print your receipts. 

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Website and Device Details

What web browsers are your courses compatible with? 
Our courses are compatible with the most updated versions of the most common web browsers. The most commonly used browser with our website is Google Chrome. You can check your browser settings for any browser at any time to see if there is an update ready. 

What devices will support your courses?
Our courses will work on a computer, smart phone, or tablet!

Can I change the font size in the courses?
Yes! There is a green tab located on the top right of every course page that allows you to select from four text resize options. The text size you select will remain for your entire session. If you log out of the course, you can select your preferred text size the next time you log into your course. The resize function is not present with smart phones. 

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Course Refunds

Do you offer refunds? 
Yes! We are confident you will enjoy your learning experience. If not, refunds can be requested within 60 days of purchase if the final exam is not completed. See our Refund Policy for more information and to request a refund.

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