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Your Account

Creating an account:
If you have not taken our courses before, your account will be created during the checkout process for the course you are purchasing. You’ll be asked to fill out the First Time Customer information, and will choose a username and password at that time. 


Forgot username and/or password:
Click Sign In located in the upper right corner of the website, and click on the Forgot Username or Password? link. Enter the email address you registered with, and password reset instructions will be emailed to you. If you forgot the email address you registered with, use the Contact Us form. Please provide your full name, and someone will contact you during normal business hours. If you haven’t taken our courses before, please continue with the checkout process as a first time customer.

Click here to retrieve your username and password.


Technical Details

Web browser compatibility:
Our courses are compatible with the most updated versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (replaced Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. You can check your browser settings at any time to see if there is an update ready. If you need to download a new web browser, click on the link below for the browser you’d like to use: 

Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox

Please note: Support for Internet Explorer has been discontinued, please switch to a fully functioning web browser to utilize this site.
Increasing font size:
The easiest way is to just hold the Ctrl key and hit the + button to make the font larger, or the – button to make it smaller. 

Device compatibility:
Our courses will work on a computer or tablet! If you are experiencing technical issues with accessing our courses, please contact our customer service department

Regulatory Information

Course state approval:
Many state regulatory agencies have a list of approved courses on their websites. If we are approved to offer courses in your state, we link to the state’s regulatory agency on the state’s course list page. 

Submitting course completion records to state regulatory agencies:
Some states require us to submit course completion records to that state’s real estate regulatory agency. If you’d like to find out if we submit those records to your state, view your state’s course list page and that information will be listed in the heading of the page.

If you do not find information regarding the submission of course completion records and you believe that the course provider is required to do this, please contact our customer service department. It’s possible that your state’s course list has not been updated, or that the rules have changed. If ever in doubt, please contact us!

Viewing courses by state:
Click on Browse Courses, select your state, and then select your course type to see all the courses approved in your state.

Click here to find out if we offer courses in your state, and to view your state’s course list page.

Online Ordering

Email address confidentiality:
All of your information—including your email address—will remain confidential. We never share your personal information with anyone. We are, however, required to make your course completion information available, if requested by a state’s real estate regulatory agency.

Secure payments:
Your credit card information is entered on a secure web page. You’ll know it’s secure when you see a small lock icon in or near the address bar of the web page. All information entered in the secure page is encrypted before being submitted and processed.

Invalid credit card:
You may have entered your billing address, card number, expiration date, or security code incorrectly. Make sure all the billing and credit card information is entered correctly, and try processing the order again. If that does not work, please contact us at 1-866-415-8521.

Using promo codes:
After you choose a course and enter your account information, you'll be taken to the next screen to enter your payment information. Above the section where you enter your credit card number, there will be a field labeled Promo Code. Enter your entire code in that box and click Apply. The discounted price will then appear.

Invalid promo code:
Please contact our customer service department. Let us know your first and last name, along with the promo code. 

Course Functionality

Taking online courses:
After your order is complete, the course is placed in your Continuing Ed Express account. You’ll sign in, and click the Start button next to the course name to begin. After you’ve completed one screen, simply click Next on the bottom right side and you'll be taken to the next screen. The courses include self-assessment activities and exams to help you confirm you understand the material.

Course sample/demo:
We have a free demo course which explains how our online courses function. It also provides a sampling of some popular continuing education courses, and includes some advantages of online learning.

Begin the free demo now!

Continuing education course completion certificate:
Once you successfully complete a course, that course will be listed in the “Completed” section of your account. In the “Action” column, there will be a Print Certificate link. Click on that link and a new page will pop up with your course completion certificate. The certificate will always remain in your account, so you can review and print it anytime. Please note: Completion dates and times are based on Central Standard Time.

Attention Hawaii Licensees: Your completion certificate will not be available to print from your Continuing Ed Express account. We will email your completion certificate to the email address associated with your Continuing Ed Express account within one week of completing the course.

Pre-licensing course completion certificate:

The final exam at the end of the pre-licensing course must be passed in order for the course to be considered complete. Pre-license completion certificates are obtained differently in each state.

Wisconsin - The certificate can be printed out directly from your account.

Hawaii - Completion certificates are emailed to you after you notify us that your eHawaii account has been created.

Minnesota - After you pass the proctored final exam and we receive the proctor affidavit, the completion certificate is emailed to the email address associated with your account. Click here for more information about the proctored exams.

Click here for more information on pre-licensing courses.


Failing final exams:
You will not receive credit for the course until you pass the final exam. Most states allow you to re-take the final exam as many times as necessary to pass. If your state has a rule regarding the number of times you can retake it, that information will be listed in the page before you take the final exam.

The purpose of the final exam is to test your understanding of the course material. If you review all the material, the exam should be no problem!

Accessing course material:
To review your completed courses, simply log into your account and every course you've taken will be in the “Completed” area of your account. 

Course progression:
You may stop anywhere in the course, and start again at any time. Simply log out when you want to take a break, and then log back in when you’re ready to begin again. Your stopping point will be saved, so you can resume where you left off.

Timeline for completing a course:
Some states require that you complete a course within a certain amount of time after registering for the course. If your state has this type of requirement, it will be listed at the top of your state’s course list page.

If your state does NOT have this requirement, then you have as much time as you want to complete the course. However, if a course becomes inactive or expired, you will not be able to complete the course. If this occurs, contact our customer service department for an exchange. 


Printing receipts:
All of your receipts are saved in the "Order History" portion of your account. You can sign in at any time to view and print your receipts. 

Replacement course completion certificates:
You may print completion certificates at any time for any continuing education course you have taken with Continuing Ed Express. Simply log in to your account and click on the Print Certificate link located next to the course in the “Completed” area of your account.  For completion certificates of Hawaii or Minnesota pre-license courses, please contact our customer service department.

Tax forms:
Continuing Ed Express does not provide specific tax forms to students. You may find your order receipts in the Order History section of the My Account box. Please consult your tax adviser for specific tax-related questions.

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