November 2015 Article

10 Ways Buyers Benefit with an Exclusive Real Estate Agent
By Jim Luger, CDEI
Certified Distance Education Instructor 

Buyers will likely agree to work exclusively with you if answer two implicit questions:
  • What are the benefits of working with one agent?

  • Why should I limit myself to just one agent?
Here are some answers:
  1. The exclusive agent can be objective about which properties to show because he or she will earn a commission no matter which one the buyers purchase. The agent, therefore, doesn’t have to sell any particular property, and can concentrate on the buyers’ needs and wants.

  2. The exclusive agent will feel no pressure to quickly sell a property to the buyers before another agent does. This allows the agent to give priority to the buyers’ priorities and timelines.

  3. The agent will be clearly negotiating in the buyers’ best interests during the purchase and in the event a problem should arise.

  4. Exclusive agents tend to watch for new listings more closely for buyers who are depending solely on them. When agents favor customers they can count on, those buyers find out about new listings sooner.

  5. Exclusive agents can justify investing more time in explaining the purchase process to buyers, and establishing a close working relationship with them.

  6. When buyers call their exclusive agent about internet listings or for-sale signs they’ve seen, they will get all information they need from an agent who is not biased toward that particular listing.

  7. The buyer can be represented by their exclusive agent purchase if they purchase a for-sale-by-owner property, by stipulating in the purchase agreement that the seller will pay the buyer’s agency fee.

  8. Searching and choosing properties to see will be more efficient because the exclusive agent thoroughly understands the buyers’ needs and wants.

  9. The exclusive agent relationship is more comfortable for the buyers because they don’t worry about the agent being self-serving or pressuring them. The agent acts as more of a guide and advisor than as a salesperson.

  10. Being represented exclusively is a bargain for buyers when their agent’s commission on a listed property sale is paid by the seller. 
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