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What is Proctoring?

Exam proctoring is required for Minnesota Pre-License courses. Each Minnesota pre-license course has a final exam at the end of the course, and passing the course final exam is required to obtain you completion certificate for the course. Minnesota requires you take the course final exam with a proctor. What is a proctor? According to MN Statute: 

“Proctor” means a disinterested third party with no conflict of interest who verifies a student’s identity and processes an affidavit testifying that the student received no outside assistance with the course or examination.

You can take your proctored exam remotely with our remote proctoring service, or you can use a qualified in-person proctor. Please carefully review the details below about each proctoring method. Also, more information about proctoring requirements is located at the end of each Minnesota Pre-License course.

Remote Exam Proctoring with Continuing Ed Express

We offer remote exam proctoring for our Minnesota pre-license courses. If you would like to have your exam proctored remotely, go to the Minnesota Pre-License course list page, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Purchase the Remote Proctor Fee and Instructions for the course final exam you are taking. 

The Remote Proctor Fee and Instructions will be added to your Continuing Ed Express account. This is a short course explaining the remote exam proctoring procedures, technical requirements, and policies. It will only take you a few minutes to review, and at the end of the course you can schedule your remote exam proctoring appointment. 

If you have questions about our remote proctoring service, go to the Contact Us page, and select “Remote Proctor Questions” in the subject.

Proctoring at Another Location

Contact us BEFORE you have your exam proctored at another location for information on who will qualify as an acceptable proctor. Proctor affidavits completed incorrectly or by an unqualified proctor will NOT be accepted, so contacting us before you schedule an appointment will help reduce the possibility of an invalid proctor affidavit.

Go to our Contact Us page, and select “General Proctor Questions” or call us at 1-866-415-8521. We will discuss the requirements by phone, and send you specific instructions for finding an acceptable proctor.

Please Note: We will NOT accept proctor affidavits if you did not contact us prior to having your exam proctored at another location. 

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