The Essential Real Estate Marketing Guide

The Essential Real Estate Marketing Guide


Course Credit Hrs.
The Essential Real Estate Marketing Guide 3.00
‚Äč3 Elective Hours
Successful real estate agents have individual styles, but they all have one secret in common.
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  • Different real estate agents draw on different strengths and skills to succeed, but all successful agents have one thing in common: they have developed dependable sources for buyers and sellers. This course offers an effective marketing platform to help you apply time-proven techniques and strategies with your own personal touch. You’ll learn how to invest and test your marketing budget for positive returns, instead of wasting your money on random advertising. Using these techniques each workday will lead to a growing customer base, offering you a choice of the most qualified and motivated buyers and sellers.

    3 Elective Hours
  • This course will help real estate practitioners understand the fundamentals of business planning, real estate marketing, and advertising listed properties for seller clients.

    Section 1 - The Elements of Real Estate Marketing
    Chapter 1 - A Short History of Real Estate Marketing
    Chapter 2 - How to Make Yourself a Recognizable Brand

    Section 2 - Make Marketing Media Work for You
    Chapter 1 - Your Essential Marketing Kit
    Chapter 2 - Lead Generation Services (and Scams)
    Chapter 3 - Simple Email Campaigns
    Chapter 4 - Website Marketing Made Simple—and Powerful
    Chapter 5 - Social Networking to Build Your Brand
    Chapter 6 - Instructing Buyer and Seller Classes

    Section 3 - Converting Email and Phone Inquirers into Clients
    Chapter 1 - Email Inquiry Rapid Response
    Chapter 2 - Engaging and Converting Phone Inquirers

    Section 4 - Cost-Effective Marketing Campaigns
    Chapter 1 - Become the Go-To Neighborhood Expert
    Chapter 2 - Make Marketing an Investment Instead of a Cost
    Chapter 3 - Make Your Buyers and Sellers Clients for Life
  • Instructor: Jim Luger

    Jim Luger has been a real estate broker and instructor for over 35 years, and has taught thousands of real estate agents and brokers in classrooms and online. He is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), and is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

    Jim opened a real estate brokerage in 1976, later adding a title insurance agency, and mortgage brokerage. He has also owned a property management company, and has held an insurance license. He has been a certified trainer for an international real estate franchisor, and has appeared on national television and radio programs as a real estate expert.

    You can contact Jim at


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“A maximum of 24 hours of continuing education may be taken by distance learning each three-year renewal period.” Per Iowa Administrative Rule 193E 16.4(4).

Visit the Iowa Real Estate Commission website for more information about continuing education requirements.

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