Simple Staging for Quicker Sales

Simple Staging for Quicker Sales


Course Credit Hrs.
Simple Staging for Quicker Sales 3.00
Show your sellers simple, inexpensive ways to make their homes dazzle buyers.
Money-Back, No Hassle Guarantee
  • This course will help you understand the psychology behind home staging. It is filled with easily implemented tips that will help your sellers present their properties in the most positive light, with the least amount of effort and cost.
    We will walk through a typical house and describe the basics of how to begin staging. Then we’ll move from room to room with suggestions about how to change and improve a home’s presentation so that it attracts and motivates buyers to buy.
    We will also look at staging from the flip side: working with buyers to help them envision and realize the potential in homes that need simple cosmetic fixes or updating. 
  • This course will help you identify key property problems that will hamper marketing efforts. An emphasis is placed on finding effective, yet simple and inexpensive, solutions for seller and buyer clients. You will learn these staging skills from experience-based examples, case studies, and itemized procedures.

    Section 1 – Getting Started
    Chapter 1 – Feeling Décor Challenged?
    Chapter 2 – The Psychology Behind Staging
    Chapter 3 – Subliminal Factors

    Section 2  The Fundamentals
    Chapter 1 – De-Clutter, Clean and Organize
    Chapter 2 – Walls and Windows
    Chapter 3 – Fixtures, Accessories, Furniture

    Section 3  First Impressions
    Chapter 1 – Curb Charm
    Chapter 2 – First Steps Inside

    Section 4  Staging Room by Room
    Chapter 1 – Kitchen
    Chapter 2 – Living Rooms and Great Rooms
    Chapter 3 – Family Room
    Chapter 4 – Dining Room
    Chapter 5 – Bedrooms and Offices
    Chapter 6 – Bathrooms
    Chapter 7 – Basements
    Chapter 8 – Outdoor Areas

    Section 5  Staging for the Seasons: Each Season Has Its Own Charm

    Section 6  What If No One’s Home?
    Chapter 1 – Vacant Homes
    Chapter 2 – Virtual Reality Staging
    Chapter 3 – New Construction

    Section 7  Working With Buyers: Reverse Staging
    Chapter 1 – Preparing the Buyer for Imaginative Shopping
    Chapter 2 – Keeping Track of Attractive Features
    Chapter 3 – Marriage Counseling and Intra-Relational Negotiation
    Chapter 4 – Fixer-Upper Anyone?
    Chapter 5 – Using NLP when Showing Homes

    Section 8  Feng Shui
    Chapter 1 – Using Feng Shui Principles
    Chapter 2 – Positive Energy: the Heart of Feng Shui Philosophy
    Chapter 3 – The Bagua

    Section 9  Photo Staging and Substantial Improvements
    Chapter 1 – Photo Staging is Your Job
    Chapter 2 – When Substantial Improvements Make Sense
  • Subject Matter Expert:
    Ruth Tice

    Ruth began working in the home design field in the 1970s, creating and marketing textiles for home decoration. She has used her design skills as a licensed real estate sales person since 1986, helping builders, developers, and individual home owners prepare and stage their properties for sale.

    Ruth has been nationally recognized for her quality client service. Her primary focus as a listing agent has been to help homeowners make use of their existing furnishings in ways that will increase the marketability of their properties. 

    Instructor: Jim Tice
    Jim Tice entered the real estate business in 1977 and trains and coaches new and experienced agents. He is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). You can contact Jim at


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