Serving Senior Homebuyers and Sellers

Serving Senior Homebuyers and Sellers


Course Credit Hrs.
Serving Senior Homebuyers and Sellers 2.00
Meet the needs of senior clients, the fastest growing segment of our real estate market.
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  • In this course you will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to empathize with seniors during a major life transition, and to help them research and understand their housing options. 

    2 Elective Hours

  • The objective of this course is to help real estate licensees better service seniors who need to downsize or otherwise change their living environments and structures, and require or desire special services, based on physical, familial, or emotional needs.

    Section 1 - The Senior Market
    Chapter 1 - The History of Senior Care in America
    Chapter 2 - Who are Seniors?
    Chapter 3 - Reaching Out to Seniors
    Section 2 - The Role of the Real Estate Professional
    Chapter 1 - Assemble Your Team
    Chapter 2 - Common Questions and Concerns
    Chapter 3 - Reasons for Moving
    Chapter 4 - Assessing the Needs of Your Client
    Chapter 5 - Some of the Challenges
    Chapter 6 - Counseling Your Client
    Section 3 - Senior Housing Options
    Section 4 - Preparing for the Move, Repairs, and Staging
    Chapter 1 - Preparing for the Move
    Chapter 2 - Staging and Cost Effective Fixes
    Chapter 3 - The Moving Checklist
  • Subject Matter Expert:
    Ruth Tice

    Ruth Tice has been a real estate agent since 1986. During that time, her interest in, and commitment to, helping seniors transition has given her a valuable perspective on how to best serve the needs of our aging population. She has received specialized training in how to counsel and assist elderly residents, and has worked with experts in the field of adapting existing homes to meet the changing needs of seniors. Ruth has been nationally recognized for her outstanding quality client service. 

    Instructor: Jim Tice
    Jim Tice entered the real estate business in 1977 and trains and coaches new and experienced agents. He is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC). You can contact Jim at


According to North Dakota License Law, Chapter 70-02-04-22, “A student must complete the distance education course within one year of the date of enrollment.” You will no longer be able to complete a course from this Continuing Ed Express course list page after one (1) year of purchasing the course.

Visit the North Dakota Real Estate Commission website for more information about continuing education requirements.

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