Rehab For Resale

Rehab For Resale


Course Credit Hrs.
Rehab For Resale 3.00
Basic real estate rehabilitation, from purchase, through rehab, to re-sale.
Money-Back, No Hassle Guarantee
  • This course will dispel some myths and establish a few guidelines that can lead to success in the rehab-resale market. You will learn why a successful purchase/rehab/resale project, one that generates a reasonable profit, doesn’t depend on luck or genius. It requires diligent searching, realistic research, and sticking to a formula for analyzing the profit potential of the venture.
    You will learn how to advise your investor clients to maintain a disciplined approach, and not allow biases toward a particular property or neighborhood to override the truth that the numbers will tell. 

    3 Elective Hours
  • You will learn how to help clients evaluate properties for rehabilitation and resale feasibility, and to understand the basics of planning and managing a real estate rehab project.

    Section 1 - Preparation
    Chapter 1 – The Rehab/Resale Team
    Chapter 2 – The Plan
    Chapter 3 – The Property Search

    Section 2 – Evaluating Properties
    Chapter 1 – What You See is What They’ll Get
    Chapter 2 – Property Evaluation Checklist

    Section 3 – Formulating an Offer
    Chapter 1 – Pre-offer Analysis
    Chapter 2 – Offer Formulas
    Chapter 3 – Presenting Offers

    Section 4 – The Rehab Project
    Chapter 1 – Alternatives to Immediate Rehab
    Chapter 2 – Project Management
    Chapter 3 – Rehab Room by Room
       • Curb Appeal, Porches, and Indoor Entries
       • Living Rooms and Family Rooms
       • Kitchens
       • Bathrooms
       • Dining Rooms
       • Bedrooms, Offices, and Basements
       • The Backyard, The Garage, and Overall Tips
    Chapter 4 – Before and After…Some Rehab Concepts
    Chapter 5 - Case Studies

    Section 5 – Marketing 
    Chapter 1 – Pricing Discipline – the Key to Longevity in Rehab/Resale
    Chapter 2 - The Standard is Staging
    Chapter 3 – Case Study: From Beginning to End
       • Episodes 1 and 2
       • Episodes 3 and 4
       • Episode 5 and Conclusion
  • Instructor: Jim Tice

    Jim Tice has been a real estate instructor for over 20 years, and has taught thousands of real estate agents and brokers in classrooms and online. He is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), and is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

    Jim entered the real estate business in 1977, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been inducted into a national real estate Hall of Fame, an honor granted to less than 1% of agents nationwide. Jim has served as regional trainer for a national real estate franchise, and as a real estate manager he continues to train and coach new and experienced real estate agents.

    Jim has served for many years on the Minnesota Association of REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee, both as a panel member and as a hearing chairperson, and he has served on the Minneapolis Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors.

    You can contact Jim at


According to North Dakota License Law, Chapter 70-02-04-22, “A student must complete the distance education course within one year of the date of enrollment.” You will no longer be able to complete a course from this Continuing Ed Express course list page after one (1) year of purchasing the course.

Visit the North Dakota Real Estate Commission website for more information about continuing education requirements.

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