Minnesota Broker Pre-License Course

Minnesota Broker Pre-License Course


Course Credit Hrs.
Minnesota Broker Pre-License Course 30.00

This course will fulfill your educational requirement to obtain a Minnesota broker real estate license.

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  • This course will fulfill your educational requirement to obtain a Minnesota broker real estate license. You will review real estate fundamentals, plus specialized topics for brokers such as the broker's role in closing; employment laws and insurance; the Fair Labor Standards Act; tax laws, withholding, and tax reports; independent contractor vs. employee status; State and Federal Unemployment Tax Act; and errors and omissions insurance.

    This course has been approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Commerce for real estate prelicense education.

  • Our online broker course is designed to help you learn and remember the important fundamentals and responsibilities that pertain to becoming a Minnesota real estate broker. You may learn at your own best pace, and review the material at any time. At the end of each section, you will be able to download our exclusive Quick Study Review™ study sheets, and you’ll have opportunities to self-test your cumulative knowledge throughout the course with our copyrighted e-Flashcards™.

    After taking this course, you may take the Minnesota broker license exam at an approved testing center. The process is explained fully in the course.

    After taking this course and passing your Minnesota broker license exam, you may apply for your Minnesota Real Estate broker license. See the Minnesota Department of Commerce website for current application details and procedures.

    This is the outline for our Minnesota Broker Pre-license Course:

    Section 1 Broker Licensing Requirements
    Chapter 1 Ownership and Operations
    Chapter 2 Minnesota License Law Review
    Section 2 Trust Account Requirements
    Chapter 1 Opening the Trust Account
    Chapter 2 Deposit Requirements
    Chapter 3 Trust Account Records
    Chapter 4 Trust Account Management
    Section 3 Agency
    Chapter 1 Current Statutes and Agency Law
    Chapter 2 Statutory Addenda and Disclosures
    Section 4 Anti-Discrimination
    Chapter 1 Federal Fair Housing
    Chapter 2 Americans with Disabilities Act and Minnesota Human Rights Act
    Section 5 Real Estate Principles Update
    Chapter 1 Land Improvements and Estates
    Chapter 2 Legal Descriptions
    Chapter 3 Governmental Rights
    Chapter 4 Property Taxation and Special Assessments
    Section 6 Real Estate Sale, Lease and Transfer
    Chapter 1 Purchase Agreement and Addenda
    Chapter 2 Lease Types and Terms
    Chapter 3 Deed Types and Clauses
    Section 7 Financing and Valuation Update
    Chapter 1 Sources of Financing
    Chapter 2 Foreclosure Law
    Chapter 3 Principles of Value
    Chapter 4 Methods of Valuation
    Section 8 Broker’s Role Closing
    Chapter 1 Prorating
    Chapter 2 Closing Statements
    Chapter 3 Closing Documents and Deposit Requirements
    Section 9 Income Taxation
    Chapter 1 Tax Rules of Home Ownership
    Chapter 2 Investment Tax Issues
    Chapter 3 Sale of Personal Residence
    Section 10 Employment Laws and Insurance
    Chapter 1 Fair Labor Standards Act
    Chapter 2 Independent Contractor vs Employee
    Chapter 3 Tax Laws, Withholding and Reports
    Chapter 4 State and Federal Unemployment Tax Act
    Chapter 5 Errors and Omissions Insurance 


  • Instructor:
    Peggy L. McNamara 

    Peggy McNamara has been in the real estate industry since 1992. She sold real estate full time for several years before entering into real estate education and training. She is certified as an online instructor by the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC).

    Peggy was the Director of Education of a multi-office brokerage from 1997-2003. She also owned a pre-license real estate school in Minnesota, and has been Vice President of Agent and Client Services for a multi-state brokerage.

    Peggy understands the real estate business from many aspects, as well as its inherent challenges and opportunities. She is passionate about helping real estate agents and brokers earn better incomes, and live fuller lives.

    You can contact Peggy at Peggy@ContinuingEdExpress.com.


Please note:
We are no longer selling Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License courses. Customers who currently have the courses in their account must complete them by 9/30/2024.

Course Final Exam Proctor Information
Minnesota requires you to take the course final exam for pre-license online courses under the supervision of a proctor. We are now offering remote proctoring for our students! Click here for more information about proctoring and to schedule your remote proctoring. If you already have a Minnesota Pre-License course in your account, you may purchase the remote proctoring sessions below.

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