Minnesota Real Estate Salesperson License Requirements

How to Get Your Minnesota Salesperson Real Estate License

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We are no longer selling Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License courses. Customers who currently have the courses in their account must complete them by 9/30/2024.


To obtain a Real Estate Salesperson license in Minnesota, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age  
  • Complete 90 hours of approved pre-license education (three 30-hour courses)
  • Pass the license exam at the designated testing center
  • After completing your pre-license courses and passing the license exam, you apply for your real estate license with the state of Minnesota
Go to the Minnesota Department of Commerce website for specific requirements and instructions.


  • Our package of 3 online courses & free exam prep course
  • *State and national license exam fees
  • **License application fee
* This fee is paid to PSI, the company that offers the Minnesota real estate license exams
** This fee is paid to the Minnesota Department of Commerce when applying for your real estate license


Step-by-Step Licensing Guide
  1. Enroll in our online pre-license courses
  2. Complete Course 1 and pass the course final exam with a proctor
  3. Take our optional MN License Exam Prep Course
  4. Pass the licensing exams
  5. Complete Course 2 and pass the course final exam with a proctor
  6. Complete Course 3 and pass the course final exam with a proctor
  7. Apply for your real estate salesperson license

Download a printable PDF with a summary of the below steps.

1. Enroll in our approved online pre-license course

During the purchase process, you will create your online Continuing Ed Express account. After your purchase is complete, the course will be placed in your new account, ready for you to begin. With Continuing Ed Express’s exclusive online e-learning technologies, you can learn at your best pace. Our online courses offer high quality content, with easy-to-use navigation.

Our Minnesota salesperson pre-license courses are approved by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), and by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
Before you get started, review our Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Study Guide to help you get the most out of your online education experience.


2. Complete Course 1, and pass the course final exam with a proctor

The course offers text instruction on both the National (Uniform) and Minnesota (State) portions of the licensing exam. There is commentary by the instructor, graphs and diagrams, exercises, and quizzes to help you master the material. You will have the opportunity to go back and review each section separately, and contact your instructor if you have questions.

Minnesota requires you to take the course final exam for pre-license online courses under the supervision of a proctor. After you pass Course 1’s online final exam with your proctor, we will issue you the course completion certificate. The course completion certificate MUST be presented at the testing center to take the Minnesota state license exam. If you have your exam proctored with Continuing Ed Express, we will email your completion certificate the following business day from when you completed your exam. If you have your exam proctored at another location, we will issue the completion certificate once we receive the completed valid proctor affidavit. Please keep these timeframes in mind as you prepare to schedule your license exam. We highly recommend allowing at least one day between the course exam and the licensing exam. Take Note: We only email completion certificates during our normal business hours.

Complete details for the proctoring requirements and process are included within the online course. Click here to review the proctor details in advance.

3. Take the optional MN License Exam Prep course

Although everything you'll need to know for the state license exams is in Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Course 1, we highly recommend our optional Exam Prep Course. The license exams are VERY difficult, and the Exam Prep course will reinforce, and help you remember, key principles you might find on both the uniform and state-specific pre-license exams. You’ll also receive exam-taking tips, and get lots of practice with sample questions to help you prepare for the challenging license exams. This course is automatically included in your order when you purchase the Salesperson Package.

Purchase Exam Prep Course >>>


4. Pass the licensing exam

There are two types of pre-license exams:
  • Course final exams: Each pre-license course has its own final exam, which must be taken with a proctor after you finish each course. (As described above in Step 2.)
  • Real estate license exam: This includes a national (also known as uniform) and state specific exam. These exams are taken at a state-approved testing center, and you may take them AFTER passing the Course 1 final exam and after you receive your completion certificate.
Remember, your Course 1 completion certificate must be presented at the testing center to take the Minnesota state license exam.

You will take a two-part licensing exam: one part for general real estate principles, and one part for Minnesota-specific laws and practices. You can take both parts at the same session, or at separate times. If you do not pass one of them, you have to wait until the next business day to schedule a retake.


Note: You can take both parts of the licensing exam for one fee or each individual part and pay separate fees for each. Re-testing is the same cost. These fees are paid to PSI.

For directions to testing centers, information about making an appointment, and detailed information about the license exam, visit PSI.

5. Complete Course 2 and pass the course final exam with a proctor 

After you pass your license exam with PSI, you’ll take Course 2. Course 1 prepares you for the license exams, so we recommend waiting to begin Courses 2 and 3 until you pass the license exams with PSI.

As with Course 1, you will take the course final exam with a proctor. See Step 2 for more information about the proctored exam.



6. Complete Course 3 and pass the course final exam with a proctor

Just like in Courses 1 and 2, you will complete Course 3 online, and take your final exam with a proctor. At this point you will be finished with the education requirements, but you have another step in getting licensed.




7. Apply for your real estate salesperson license

After receiving completion certificates for all three 30-hour pre-license courses, and passing the real estate licensing exams, you may apply for your Minnesota Real Estate Salesperson license through the real estate company you choose to work with.

Note: There is a fee required to apply for a license. Contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce for up to date information about the cost.

Application Deadline: According to Minnesota Statute 82.58 Subd. (5), "An applicant who obtains an acceptable score on a salesperson's examination must file an application and obtain the license within one year of the date of successful completion of the examination or a second examination must be taken to qualify for the license."

Before you begin...

Go to the Minnesota Department of Commerce website to find out if you are eligible for a real estate license and for more specific information on licensing requirements.


Meet Peggy McNamara – Your Online Course Instructor
Peggy L. McNamara has been a real estate agent since 1992, an educator and trainer since 1996, and a broker since 2008. She has been an education director for two large brokerages, and previously founded a classroom-based pre-license real estate school in Minnesota. Peggy is a Certified Distance Education Instructor (CDEI).

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Benefits of Continuing Ed Express’s Online Minnesota Salesperson Pre-License Courses
To help you remember important real estate principles, our courses provide:
  • Progressive activities to help you learn complex topics such as math
  • Downloadable section summaries that you can print and review
  • e-Flashcards™ for you to self-test your cumulative recall of important principles
  • Practice quizzes throughout the course to give you immediate feedback
  • Highlighted ideas, notes, and reminders throughout the course
  • Video commentary from your instructor to introduce the topics

Diagrams and illustrations help you understand difficult concepts
One of the most difficult things in a real estate course, besides the new vocabulary, is understanding complex concepts that are unfamiliar to you. Realizing this difficulty, we furnish you with visual aids of important concepts to help you understand each.
An opportunity to communicate with your instructor on every page
On every page there is an opportunity to communicate with your instructor. You may easily contact your instructor for further insight on any of the information in the course. All of your messages with the course instructor will be archived in the ‘Messages’ area of your Continuing Ed Express account.
No text book required 
Continuing Ed Express online pre-licensing courses are complete. There is no additional textbook from which you have to study or order in addition to the course. You may begin taking the course as soon as you register. 

If you have questions about the courses or pre-license process, you can contact us.


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